Wednesday, April 15, 2009

I see London, I see France...

I see the cutest Francie Pants! I la la love Francie Pants and so do my daughters! I met the amazing Ciaran Blumenfeld at (where else?) Mom 2.0. I had read about Francie pants before I went and knew she would be there so I was planning on tracking her down and buying some Francie Pants for my girls. So I was surprised when she just gave me a pair for each of my girly girls! My daughters love to wear them.

So, what are Francie Pants? They are cute little shorts for your daughter to wear under her skirts and dresses or over her leotard to keep her modest! I just love saying Francie Pants. It rolls off the tongue. We have already purchased two more pairs and I think that I will need to buy even more soon.

If you'd like to see an interview with Ciaran go visit my favorite Twin Bloggers Janice and Susan at

Also, now through the 17th of April, with the coupon code WECARE Francie Pants is donating 100% of the proceeds of all Honolulu Lulu Francie Pants (the only ones with purple in them) to the Spohr family, who recently lost their beautiful daughter, Maddie, to cover their expenses and do with as they wish. 15% of all other sales made using this coupon code will also go to support the Spohr family.

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