Thursday, August 27, 2009


I have to be honest with you, when I won Autonet, I was excited at first because I won it, but then I was like what is this thing? Really? I am I EVER going to use it? I even tried to trade it away, but found no takers on the trade. I brought it home and looked up its value and decided maybe I could sell it and at least get something for it, but the Autonet people were so nice and would call me and email me and offered to install it in my car and give me 6 months for free, so I thought, "what do I have to lose?" Nothing really. I got it installed in my car. All it cost me was about an hour of my time while they installed. I didn't use it for the first week. I really had no use for it. Wasn't sure how I was gong to use it. From time to time it came in handy with my laptop, but the truth of the matter is that I hated lugging my laptop around just in case I might need to look something up. Then we went on vacation. We used our Autonet connection and loved it. We were so grateful for it on our road trip vacation. and then my usage declined again because I'd have to lug my laptop around. And then I lost my job and my laptop with it. hmmm.... how can I use it now? Well, my husband got a free iPod Touch with his new laptop for work and well, it is MY iPod Touch now. And I use it all the time in the car to check my email facebook, update twitter, schedule my dvr, listen to music on Pandora, etc. And for the past couple of days it hasn't been working (I think I am at the end of my free trial period) and so I am feeling a little bit of withdrawal, because I liked being able to just "check in" from wherever I was. I am so ready to be signed up and a paying subscriber!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Is there such thing as an all day lipstick?

Dear Christy,

I read your post today and watched your video about looking for a good all day lipstick-maybe I have found some for you!

Your Friend,

Today, my friend Christy posted a video about lipstick. She is looking for an all day lipstick that actually stays on! So I thought I'd share with her my findings with Revlon ColorStay Overtime. Please forgive the shaky camera-I did this as a quick response and I'm trying out my new Flipcam!

Here are my lips after dinner so about 6 hours after I applied the lipstick. I haven't reapplied the gloss.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Giveaway: Sew Cute Shop Amy Butler Birdie Sling

Whenever I see an Amy Butler Print I can't help but think of my dear friend, Amy (this one's for you!). And on top of it all this bag is absolutely precious! Head on over to Grosgrain's Sew Cute Shop Amy Butler Birdie Sling GUEST GIVEAWAY!!!! This giveaway is for Amy Butler Birdie Sling w/ 2 large pockets featured, sewed by Sew Cute Shop with an Amy Butler fabric of your choice. How fun is that?

Giveaway: Downeast Basics

Supermom, Lauren is hosting a fabulous week of back to school giveaways! (See Link Button in my Side bar) Today she just posted a giveaway from DownEast Basics for the cutest little skirt and long sleeved lace tee. I popped over to the DownEast Basics Site and was so impressed with their affordable and cute clothes. Why haven't I shopped there before? Although it is simple, I really like this girls mini classic tee. It is exactly the kind of shirt I have been looking for to put on my 10-year-old Tomboy. Not too girly but it has a nice feminine cut. Perfect. Contest ends Sunday, Aug. 23 at 11:59 pm MST

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Back To School Giveaway Event 2009

My favorite Twin Bloggers over at are at it again! This time with a week's worth of back to school giveaways. Every day check back through August 28th to see what amazing new giveaway they have going on! So far they have A Lands End Back Pack & Lunch Pack and $50 to Famous Footwear. Have fun! I can't wait to see what other fun giveaways these ladies have!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Fundraiser:Put this on Your Calendar

A neighbor and friend of mine's father has cancer and has to go to Atlanta for his treatments. All his children are hosting a fundraiser to raise money for his treatment. Please come and help them out if you are in the area. Here is her invitation from her blog:

Host: Tipton Kids
Type: Causes - Fundraiser
Date: Saturday, August 22, 2009
Time: 9:00am - 9:00pm
Location: 531 E. 100 N.
City/Town: Springville, UT

My siblings and I are holding a fundraiser to earn some money to go towards my Dad's cancer treatment. This is something my parents never thought would happen but it did. My Dad has served our community for over 20 years. He is a retired volunteer fireman and is currently working as a Police Sergant for Springville City. He has helped his children with so much and has served others for so many years that we feel that we need to do this for him. We don't want money to be the reason he doesn't receive the treatment he needs.
* J-Dawgs will be there! (11:00-1:30)
*Cold Stone will be there (Starting at 12:00)
*Jamba Juice will be there. (Starting at 11:00)
*There will be a bounce house for kids
*There will be a silent auction for a Little Giant Ladder.
*There will be tickets for the Jazz, Bee's, Flash, Real Salt Lake...etc.
*Raffle fora scuba Teds open water certificaton (valued at $199.00)
*There will be MANY different gift baskets and gift certificates from business around the community
*BYU football gift basket
*You can get your hair done by a professional.
*You can get a massage by a professional.
*There will be a lot of different things you can buy:
-Flowers and bows for your hair
-Purses-Baby blankets
-Car seat covers
-Roberts Crafts gift basket

(Everything is New)


All proceeds will go to paying for our Dad's cancer treatment


If you have any questions please e-mail

5 minutes for Mom Snazl Party is hosting a Snazl Stories Party and this week the subject is blogging tips. It starts right now! I'm just barely jumping in on it because it looks new and fun. Give it a try with me...

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Giveaways Galore at Supermom Central!

image via supermomcentral

Lauren of Supermom Central is hosting a fun week of giveaways. She's calling it "Stylin' for School" The list of prizes includes:
$75 gift cert. to Zutano
$50 gift cert. to Chittypulga
A complete outfit from Down East Basics
A T-shirt from Knuckleheads
Back-to-school products from Office Max
Week's worth of fun socks from Little MissMatched
Paknaks accessory pack


Go to Supermom Central all week long for her giveaways and if you put her button in your sidebar on your blog, you'll be entered to win a $25 gift card to TJ Maxx . I know that every little bit helps when getting your kids outfitted for school.

Contest:$500 Gift Card

I just came across a great giveaway through momfluence which is perfect for back to school! is giving one reader a $500 gift card to buy clothes for back to school! But there's more! If you don't win the grand prize, there are still opportunities to win a $250 gift card (2 winners) or a $100 gift card (3 winners)!

The way to enter is to enter a picture of a family member wearing an item of clothing that Cookie's carries at the Cookie's Flickr Group! Then fill out a form where the rules of the contest are posted! Check it out! Enter by 11:59am ET, September 4, 2009.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Another Reason to Love Autonet...

image via

My husband just recently got an iPod Touch and I think I have finally found the reason to have Autonet in my car! Sure, it was great for my vacation--because it was awesome, but we only go on vacations once or twice a year. I have had a hard time bringing my laptop with me everywhere I go just because I might need to use my Autonet. But since he has had the iPod Touch (which will soon be mine, btw) We have used the Autonet almost everytime we are in the car together. We use it for directions or to look up websites or to update our twitter accounts! It has been extremely handy. At this point I am definitely considering renewing my service once it is up, because I have finally found the device to use with it that makes sense in my life right now. Oh and I have to just say how much I love that iPod Touch! I didn't realize how cool it was until he brought one home. I guess I thought it just worked like an iPod except it had a touch screen, but no! Like I mentioned before, you can access websites and your twitter account and download cool games and other amazing apps so long as you have a wi-fi connection. Which I do. In my car! Thanks to Autonet!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Summer Social Retreat.

Last week I had the privilege of going to the Summer Social Retreat hosted by the wonderful April of Sweet Life in The Valley. She did a tremendous job of creating an event where we could all get together and meet with blogging friends--some old and some new and socialize in real life. The event was full of talented women whose blogs I love and many more women whom I had never met and was happy for the opportunity.

I drove up to Soldier Hollow with my friend, Gert from Chicken Scratches.

I hadn't had lunch yet because of my crazy day, just trying to get ready and up there and was so grateful to find some delicious snacks provided by Frito-lay and Quaker-just what I needed to take the edge off! We started off with Horseback Riding sponsored by Rocky Mountain Outfitters. My horse, Macaroni was much more interested in eating the flowers of the thistles than moving forward, but it was still a lovely time. We followed the cross country ski trails that were used for the 2002 winter Olympics. Cool. I also noticed there was a campsite next to the outfitters-so that could be a potential camping destination for the family...
photo by Gert

When we got back to the lodge we met up with all the other bloggers who had attended other activities like fly fishing and train rides. It was such a relaxing and comfortable atmosphere. April was definitely the Hostess with the Mostess for this event. Dinner was absolutely Delish! Western Community Bank stepped in at the last minute to fund the dinner when the caterer fell through and Shirley J's provided the sauce base for our pot roast--soooo yummy!

For dessert, I fell in love with The Chocolate's mini cupcakes--so cute and little and scrumptious!
To top off the evening April was like Oprah giving us all of her "Favorite Things" as swag to take home! . We got reusable grocery bags from Harmon's as our swag bags-and when you shop at Harmons and remember the bag you get a discount on your groceries. I already loved Harmon's and now I have one more excuse to shop there. Some of my favorite swag that I came home with were:

  • Yes to Carrots Lip Gloss and Lip Tints. I especially liked the lip tints. I like the smooth way they go on and how they add just the right hint of color to my lips.

  • Nuskin's Baobab Body Butter--has a light fruity scent and feels so good as a moisturizer. I have added it to my morning routine. (and I just love saying baobab!)

  • Tangerine scented Badger Balm. Mmmmm! I love how this stuff glides on my lips and makes them soft without feeling greasy. I've started to put it on my heels too to soften them up--I think time will tell if that is working...

  • doTerra Essential Oils. I go through phases of using essential oils and not using them. My mom and mother-in-law are both into natural medicines. In the starter kit we received there are lavender, lemon & peppermint oils--which can also be used in cooking! So far I have used the peppermint for my aching muscles-which it really helped to feel better! I was wanting someone to rub me down completely with the stuff! And we used the lavender to soothe a bug bite on my daughter. And I think it was the peppermint and lemon combined for my son's tummy ache--he didn't care for the smell, but he didn't keep complaining either. I am excited to try new ways to use these oils to help my family!

  • Shirley J's Cream Soup Base & Sauce Mix. Apparently you can use this powder as a base for just about anything. It is shelf stable for up to 20 years so it is great for food storage. I am looking forward to using it in a recipe soon. Shirley J's provided the beef sauce for the pot roast and it was so yummy! So I have high hopes for the cream sauce. I'll let you know how it goes...

  • Lastly I have to thank Jennifer Hoskisson of fotohok who took all the beautiful photos (since I forgot my camera) Otherwise I wouldn't have lovely photos to go with this post. Aren't her photos beautiful?
A humongous "Thank You" to April who hosted such a wonderful and fun event! I can't wait to do it again!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Thank You: Women For Hire!

Photo via Twitpic

Women for Hire is celebrating their 10th anniversary this year! Congratulations! Their founder and CEO, Tory Johnson, also just released her new book this week "Fired to Hired" I need to pick up a copy of that...

To celebrate they are holding all sorts of promotions this week! I got this information from their website:

1) Free Access to Tory Johnson’s Early Morning Seminar: For a limited time only, purchase a copy of FIRED TO HIRED and send us your e-receipt starting today until Friday, Aug 7 to receive complimentary access to the fall 2009 Women For Hire Early Morning Seminar of your choice. (Dates and locations include Dallas—10/13; Chicago—10/15; Atlanta—10/21; Washington, DC—10/29; New York—11/4.)

That’s a $20 value—yours free for supporting the new book! Send your e-receipt to and indicate the city of your choice.

2) Free Online Webinar: Everyone who purchases FIRED TO HIRED receives complimentary access to an all-new 90-minute webinar hosted by Tory Johnson, featuring advice and ideas from more than two dozen experts. Watch the program online as often as you wish on your timetable. Send your receipt to for login details.

3) Freebies for Facebook Fans: Become a fan of Women For Hire on Facebook for your chance to win the full FIRED TO HIRED playlist from iTunes. In the book, Tory includes 30 top tunes to keep your spirits up when the job search gets you down. Every day between Aug 3 and Aug 9, one lucky winner will be selected to win the full playlist---and she’ll boogie her way to workplace success.

4) Follow on Twitter for Great Giveaways: Follow Tory on Twitter – it’s fast, free and fun – to win a Flipcam daily from Aug 3 to Aug 9. She’ll post a question of the day and a winner will be selected at random and announced the following morning. Enter once every 24 hours for your chance to win!

So guess what I won this morning!? I won Tory's special edition Flipcam. I have wanted one of those for soooo long. I might even have to start vlogging! I want to Thank Women For Hire and Tory Johnson for this gift. You can enter too for the rest of the week! Tory is an amazing woman and I have had the opportunity to work with her wonderful organization, helping women, in the past. I am glad to see that she has been so successful in her endeavors! Thank you again Tory! I will love my new Flipcam!

GIveaway: Thanksgiving Point!

My family Loves Thanksgiving Point. We have gone there since the kids were little. We love everything about it. Farm Country. The Dinosaur Museum. The Gardens. The Ice Cream. The Deli. And On and on. My kids are always begging me to go there. This month they are doing 2 buck Tuesdays and you know we will be there along with all the other people! Right Now Vanessa of I Never Grew Up is giving away a Family pack of 4 to visit EVERY venue of Thanksgiving Point for free! The Children’s Discovery Center, the Farm Country AND the Museum of Ancient Life! Is that Amazing or What!? We have 7 in my family but if more than half the family is taken care of we are in good shape! My kids would think this was the greatest to win. So if you are in Utah, You should definitely check this giveaway out!