Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Is there such thing as an all day lipstick?

Dear Christy,

I read your post today and watched your video about looking for a good all day lipstick-maybe I have found some for you!

Your Friend,

Today, my friend Christy posted a video about lipstick. She is looking for an all day lipstick that actually stays on! So I thought I'd share with her my findings with Revlon ColorStay Overtime. Please forgive the shaky camera-I did this as a quick response and I'm trying out my new Flipcam!

Here are my lips after dinner so about 6 hours after I applied the lipstick. I haven't reapplied the gloss.


  1. That is pretty sweet. When CoverGirl sends me my money back (ha ha) I'll have to buy some of that! I'm going to have another review go up some time tomorrow with the Outlast All Day Lipcolor. That's what I wore today.

  2. Christy, with the store receipt and providing the store sells Revlon, you could do a product exchange, avoiding CG mail altogether.