Monday, August 10, 2009

Another Reason to Love Autonet...

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My husband just recently got an iPod Touch and I think I have finally found the reason to have Autonet in my car! Sure, it was great for my vacation--because it was awesome, but we only go on vacations once or twice a year. I have had a hard time bringing my laptop with me everywhere I go just because I might need to use my Autonet. But since he has had the iPod Touch (which will soon be mine, btw) We have used the Autonet almost everytime we are in the car together. We use it for directions or to look up websites or to update our twitter accounts! It has been extremely handy. At this point I am definitely considering renewing my service once it is up, because I have finally found the device to use with it that makes sense in my life right now. Oh and I have to just say how much I love that iPod Touch! I didn't realize how cool it was until he brought one home. I guess I thought it just worked like an iPod except it had a touch screen, but no! Like I mentioned before, you can access websites and your twitter account and download cool games and other amazing apps so long as you have a wi-fi connection. Which I do. In my car! Thanks to Autonet!


  1. How much is their monthly service for Autonet? I have an iPod Touch and I always wish I had internet in my car. I would have bought an iPhone but I was too cheap to pay the phone bill.

  2. Monthly service Rates are $29 per month for 1GB of Data and $59 for 5GB. I was told that most people don't need 5GB. The average person only needs the 1GB plan. And as I looked at my monthly usage I didn't even come close to 1 GB except the month we went on our roadtrip--then we hit it.

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