Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Summing up the Summit (Mom 2.0)

I find it ironic that by going to a blogging conference I have gotten behind in my blogging. The truth of the matter is that I have so much information that I could blog for days and days and days about it. But I came to the realization that when faced with a task that I feel that I can't accomplish the way I want it done I simply don't do it. I came to that realization while talking to my new blogging friend Christy who has a crafting blog. We were talking about knitting and my complete inability to do it and current lack of desire because I do NOT find it relaxing and I am no good at it. Believe me I have tried! Christy asked me if I was a perfectionist. I've never thought of myself as one but perhaps I am. And if I can't do it the way I want to then I tend to let it fall to the wayside. It is time to change! Time to do what little I can and be satisfied! Because seriously, I wanted to blog every night of the conference and tell you about all the amazing people I met and link to them all and maybe over time I will get to but for now I think I will have to suffice it to say that I had a fabulous time. Met too many fabulous women who are talented beyond belief and who were so incredibly friendly and personable. I have to say that meeting these ladies face to face was invaluable--to meet the real person behind the incredible blog posts. Amazing. I am going to create a mom 2.0 blogroll on my sidebar, though...

Another thing-one of the reasons I started The Grotto is because I am such a junkie for giveaways. I once heard if you believe you are lucky you will be lucky. I totally believe I am lucky-I am an optimist! At the conference they had such amazing swag and doorprizes! I was the lucky winner of a Nintendo DS and Autonet--which is an internet modem for your car and I am still trying to figure out exactly how it works and if I am in my car enough to use the internet. It is really cool.

I also want to add the Eye-fi. Oh my goodness! The photographers were using this technology throughout the conference. We had photos of a session while we were sitting in the session! We When they come out with their CF card, I am SO getting it. You can instantly upload your photos from your camera to your flickr (or other internet) account. Like you take the picture and 3 seconds later it is off your camera and online! The possibilities are amazing for this. And it would help me overcome my perfectionism when it comes to blog posts. I must.have.pictures! But sometimes it takes me a while to get my pictures off my camera. With the eye-fi they would already be online! How cool is that?!

My husband was like "I would have loved to have seen you at this conference, it sounds like you had so much fun!" He was appalled that I actually ate a cheeseburger from Burger King because even he can't get me to do that and, let me tell you, he can get me to do just about anything! But I was all caught up in the moment, the paper bag hats, the cheeseburger, the music. The Carnivale evening was great. Chris Mann was amazing as were the other performers.

mom2summit - day two-5265 on Flickr - Photo Sharing!

What else- I have to say how amazing Isabel from Alphamom is. She had so many amazing marketing ideas and was so willing to help and share. Isabel-you rock!

I am feeling bad for not posting everything I wanted to but I need to get this off and on to the rest of my day. To all the amazing ladies I met at mom 2.0 --Thanks for a fabulous time and I hope to get to BlogHer in July!

If you want to here more about the Mom 2.0 summit Misty Khan has compiled a list of all the blog posts about it.


  1. I still don't remember what I was going to say but at least I can comment now! Thanks!

  2. It is ironic isn't it? But we find the same thing... going to a blogging conference does put us behind in actually blogging. LOL

    I also hear what you're saying about the perfectionism thing... I often get caught in analysis paralysis as a I have so many ideas and things I want to do and I get caught up in all or nothing.

    Great summary of the Summit. It was so fun hanging out with you this weekend!

  3. I feel so cool that I know you and that you know all these other cool people! I want to go to a blogging conference with you!!!

    I totally get the all or nothing thing. Flylady actually helped me get over that. I tend to not start things if I don't think it will turn out. Luckily I'm getting over that and having so much fun making stuff!

    miss you!