Friday, February 20, 2009

Mom 2.0 Summit

I love Houston & The Mom 2.0 Summit

Yesterday was the first day of the Mom 2.0 summit! I can't even begin to tell you about all the amazing ladies I met here yesterday but I am going to try! And I am so wishing that I had brought my camera to take lots of photos. But what is, is! (Hey! I just found a flickr stream of photos you should check it out! Maybe some of your favorite bloggers are here and Now I have a couple photos to share!)I rubbed shoulders with the amazing twin moms Janice and Susan from! I have loved their site for a while and when I found that I had the opportunity to be interviewed by them for my day job I was thrilled! I got to talk to them all about medical transcription training and a video will be posted on their site eventually! How cool is that?! (They also have a sister site called and I have featured some of those giveaways here-in fact right now they have a motorola camera phone up for grabs until tonight Feb 20)

I also met more amazing ladies like the twins behind, Kris & Kim. And Gabrielle Blair of Design Mom, who I have a total blog crush on and who was the one suggested to me that I come here! I spent a good portion of the even hanging out with Lisa of - she also owns her own graphic design company and I'll have to figure out what that is today!

Justine, me, Lisa and 2 other women I can't remember their names (sorry).

Then there were Jane and Amy who have this fun fun blog called Every day they post a list of 7 things. Just random and fun! I met Julie of Mabels Labels who has 5 kids who are close in age like me and has number 6 on the way! Yeah Julie! Look for more about Mabels Labels on my blog in the future.
Here I am talking with Jane, and Amy from sevenof and Julie from Mabels Labels is next to them.
They have lovely hair, don't you think? :)

Oh yeah and I met Megan from YouData and Justine from and Aimee from Greeblemonkey and I'm sure I met others who I can't recall off the top of my head. I hope to tell you more about these ladies and their sites in more detail later.

I can't even tell you how awesome this event is so far and all that I've been to is the opening reception! I am looking forward to a day filled with information! I can't believe that I am meeting all these fantastic and talented women! And there are still so many I want to meet and rub shoulders with! I still have today and tomorrow! Can't wait!

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