Monday, June 28, 2010

EVO 10

This past weekend I went to the Evolution of Women in Social Media conference. It was amazing. I saw some old friends, met some new friends and learned a lot along the way. It was very inspiring. So many tears were shed during the conference. we heard heartbreaking stories such as Maddie Spohr's story, and inspiring stories from the Make a Wish foundation. I learned a lot about how to make things I do for my job better. I always come away so inspired from these conferences. There are also so many amazing women in attendance. I wish I had the time to personally recognize them all, but I know I would forget someone. The ending keynote speakers were Brene Brown & Karen Walrond. I was so touched by what they had to share about being authentic. They shared some thoughts about parenting that I really enjoyed. One thought was:

As a parent it is important to help our children be ok with being imperfect. Our children shouldn’t see us questioning our own worth.

I really like that thought. I am reading the book The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin right now and her chapter on her children really goes hand in hand with this.

Another quote was:

Who we are as people is more important for our children than what we know about parenting

My favorite part of the weekend though, was getting to see my family again. The organizers of Evo threw an amazing Party at the Park City Mountain Resort. We had a delicious dinner and we rode on the Alpine Slide multiple times and the kids got to rock climb and Aaron & Nathan went down the zipline. It was an amazingly great time. I wish it could have lasted longer.


  1. What fun family pics! So glad you enjoyed the conference and the closing party. I hope you'll come again next year :).

  2. Glad your kids were able to take in the action at Park City Mountain Resort at the Closing Party. I love the pics! Your family is darling.

    Come back and visit us again soon!

    Krista Parry
    Park City Mountain Resort

  3. Great post! So glad you had your family with you - I am loving everyone's closing party pics!

  4. What a fab post and marvelous pictures. I loved seeing you again. You always have the biggest smile and seem so happy!

  5. Love the pix. And nice to meet you! Enjoy the recipe ... Sandy

  6. Fantastic post. Your family looks like they had a fab time :)

  7. awesome! Someday, maybe I'll go to a blogger's conference. :)

  8. Robyn, I'm so glad I got to meet you and spend some time getting to know you. You are awesome, sista!