Saturday, September 12, 2009

Review and Discount: Lovable Labels

Today is Friday. Which at my children's elementary school means School Spirit Day. Everybody is supposed to wear red-preferably their red school t-shirts or sweatshirts. The class wearing the most red gets to keep the coveted school spirit trophy for the week. This is great-- my kids love dressing all in red. It is fun to go to the school and see the sea of red on the playground. But at this time of year, when the mornings are chilly and the afternoons are unbearably hot, my kids will take off their sweatshirts and they don't always make it back home. This is a problem when 10 other school sweatshirts ended up in the lost and found too. Last year we lost one forever because it was taken off at school and some kid probably thought it was theirs. Solution: Lovable Labels.
I was given the opportunity to review Lovable Labels for my family at the start of this school year. I am eager to see how they continue to hold up throughout the school year, but so far they have been great! I received the Back to School Mega Pack which includes:
*15 Sticker Labels *60 Slimline Labels *48 Press N’ Stick Clothing DOTS™ *16 Shoe Labels *2 Mini-Metal Tags * 5 Book/Binder Stickers.

I have the clothing dots on all of their school sweatshirts just in case they don't come home from school one day. We will quickly be able to identify them. The labels also hold up incredibly well in the wash so far. I half expected them to be a little beat up after going through the washer and dryer, but they still look good as new after several washes. I've used the slimline labels on their lunchboxes and thermoses. These labels have again held up like new even when going through the dishwasher or being handwashed. I am impressed with the durability. I haven't used the shoe stickers yet because I plan on putting them on the boots in the winter to see how they hold up, because in reality those are the only shoes my kids have ever left behind at school. But based on how well the others hold up, I have no doubt they will do a great job sticking to the boots.
Since I have 5 kids in grades 1-6, we end up with a lot of hand me downs and shared items. So I just put our last name on the stickers with a star because I figured it would be well reecived by both my girls and my boys. They all want the bag tags of which there were only 2 so I have had to choose which kids get those-although they can be easily moved from one pack to another so they can easily trade off--if they are in a sharing kind of mood. I received more than enough labels to cover the needs of my large family. I felt that was a great value. I have plenty for now and some to spare as we add items throughout the school year that will need labels. At their website they have lots of other fun products like stationery and household labels.

Right now Lovable Labels is offering my readers a special 10% discount on the purchase of the Back to School Mega Pack-which is only available til Sept 30th!

Hurry on over to and choose the country which you reside in (there is no price difference per country). Click on the Back to School Mega Pack (which is on the home page) and during the purchasing process enter your reader discount code: buttercupsgrotto to get 10% off the normal price. This code will be valid for 2 weeks from today--until Sept 26th.

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  1. My friend ordered these a few months ago for back to school (she is more organized then I am!) and totally loves them! Discount a bonus! Happy camper here - thanks!!