Thursday, June 25, 2009

Wanna Send Nie a Birthday Present?

This Saturday is Stephanie Nielson's birthday. If you don't know Stephanie through her blog, I recommend taking a moment to get to know her. She will inspire and uplift you and help you recognize all the good in the world even in the midst of really difficult challenges.

Megan at The Sweet Tooth Fairy is selling Nie Nie's favorite cupcakes on Saturday and donating ALL OF THE PROCEEDS to the family fund and the AZ Burn Center.

If you are in UT, feel free to stop by their Provo/East Bay location. If you are outside of UT, don't worry! They ship! Here's what to do:

1. Visit The Sweet Tooth Fairy store or online shop.
2. Order as many VaNIElla Squared cupcakes (named after Nie Nie) as you'd like.
3. Enjoy the amazing sweetness... or look forward to it arriving at your door in a few days!
4. Help spread the news. The more cupcakes sold this Saturday, the more we help Nie Nie and other burn victims. If you are tweeting, feel free to use the hashtag #cupcakes.

Thanks so much!

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