Tuesday, March 17, 2009

This is What I've been looking for...

When I was a college student, my roommates and I spent many hours primping and doing our hair for various dates and dances. We always would get the perfect look by holding our hair with our hands, but once we added the bobby pins and hair accessories it just didn't hold the way we had planned. We kept saying that someone needed to invent "the hand" to make our hair stay the way we planned.

Enter "Trash Ties." They are a creation of Heather Bailey and based on the concept of those twist ties that come with your trash bags! I had heard about them here and there on blogs, but I was a little nervous about purchasing them because they are kind of pricey and hair accessories tend to get lost at my house. After much self-debate, I finally talked myself into purchasing them. ( I actually tried out the concept with real trash ties first, and decided I'd like to try the ribbon covered version--which is prettier and now I know much more sturdier!) And now I am so happy that I got them because they are the closest thing to "the hand" that I have ever found! They even make neutral colors that blend in with your hair color for a more subdued look. I have gotten really great results with my hairstyles since I bought these and to me they are worth the extra price. They hold my hair really well and stay in all day. I got both the little trash ties and the long ones. I love it how when I wear the long one as a headband it stays in all day! Usually when I wear a headband I have to fix it multiple times throughout the day. Not so with trash ties! They stay put! Go try them! You won't regret it!

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